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Monday, July 28, 2008

Another Week Has Gone Past....

I can't believe another week has passed by so quickly! This week is my third week of looking after my gorgeous grandson whilst his Mum returns to work for a couple of days a week. Today he was a bit grumbly as he has a slight cold (or is maybe teething). He is 6.5 months old now and very active.
This picture was taken a week or so ago and he is wearing a beautiful Aran cardigan knitted by his "other" granny.
I have been beading furiously on various ideas for the Art Deco challenge, but not having a great deal of success so far.
Can't believe how many mistakes I made in the first one, but probably trying to bead with black beads in rather dim lighting whilst manning (or is it womanning) the Bead Society booth at a recent Craft and Quilt Show probably didn't help.
Have also been reading other people's blogs and entrecarding like mad. Not really sure if it all helps though. Not a lot of comments on my blog so far.
However, I did manage to sell another beading kit for the project which appeared in Beads Etc Magazine Issue 17. It is for a bracelet made in herringbone stitch and including buttons. It has gone off today to PA, USA (correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that's Pennsylvania?)
Very exciting.


rockcreekcreations said...

Well I'll give you a comment. ;-)

I've found your blog through entrecard, and I have to say I really like the bracelet kit you had featured in the magazine. And yes, PA is Pennsylvania!

Keep up the good work, and off to read some more.


Anonymous said...

Hello Chris,
Yes, that's right, it's Pennsylvania. I picked up a copy of Beads, Etc this past weekend. I loved the bracelet design, so when I discovered that you sold the kit...the rest is history. :-)

Regal Beads said...

Your grandson is a CUTIE!

GrandmaMarilyns said...

Cute grandbaby. Interesting bracelet. I have been busy working on my Art Deco entry also. Hope I finish it in time. Good luck on yours.

Chrisbeads said...

Wow, the lovely person who bought my bracelet kit from Etsy this week, has commented on my blog! Now that is great news....
Blogging must be working for me.
Hope some other people see the articles in Beads Etc. too.