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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lisa, you are so right!

Lisa from Alterity Button Jewelry commented on my previous post and she is quite right. I found working in another medium (crochet) filled the creativity gap over the past few weeks.

Strangely enough on Saturday I was able to bead again. I decided just to start on something which was easy and in a stitch which was totally familiar. It worked out well and helped me to go on and finish another piece of work which has been hanging around for some time.

By the end of Saturday, there were three pieces for the Embroiderers Guild of Victoria Exhibition "Jubilation", as well as a Challenge piece for the "Fifty" Challenge. All ready just in time for the deadline on Sunday. I hope this means that I will be able to complete some work for the Bead Society Exhibition deadline in October.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Beader's Block

With just five days to go to the deadline for the Embroiderers Guild of Victoria annual Exhibition "Jubilation", I am still suffering from beader's block. Nothing I do seems to satisfy me and there are fewer and fewer hours in which to accomplish anything remarkable.

I have sorted my beads a number of times, looked at the focals, thumbed through some gorgeous books searching for inspiration. So far, nothing seems right. A couple of partly finished items have received a short work over, but there is a reason they were put aside - things were not going smoothly.

I will keep trying but it is not looking good.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Designer Quest Winner

Amy from Amya Beads has chosen the winner of the Designer Quest No. 20. The well deserved award went to Trish with her gorgeous micro macrame take on the Quest beads. See the link here: Trish's entry. Trish used the alternate colour beads (pink/brown combination) in her creation.

Recognition award went to Elizabeth, who used wire work to create her necklace.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Designer Quest

It's posting time for the Beading Forum Designer Quest and so far there are a diverse group of creations which have been loaded onto the thread. It always amazes me to see how different the creations from one pack of beads can be. This time the beads were from Amya Beads in Melbourne (see picture) and Amy has set herself a difficult task to pick a winner.

This is my attempt: Lady Victoria's collar. It is quite a stretch from my usual seed beads, but is still bead woven - stitch used was double needle right angle weave.