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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lisa, you are so right!

Lisa from Alterity Button Jewelry commented on my previous post and she is quite right. I found working in another medium (crochet) filled the creativity gap over the past few weeks.

Strangely enough on Saturday I was able to bead again. I decided just to start on something which was easy and in a stitch which was totally familiar. It worked out well and helped me to go on and finish another piece of work which has been hanging around for some time.

By the end of Saturday, there were three pieces for the Embroiderers Guild of Victoria Exhibition "Jubilation", as well as a Challenge piece for the "Fifty" Challenge. All ready just in time for the deadline on Sunday. I hope this means that I will be able to complete some work for the Bead Society Exhibition deadline in October.

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Campbell Jane said...

I have been in a slump too. Haven't been painting, started crocheting and making beads. Then I opened a new shop! Got to start painting again though. I think all of us artist go through this and doing something else for a bit recharges our batteries! Your beading is lovely!