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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Term Four Classes

Class timetable for term four has now been confirmed with a couple of the Neighbourhood houses where I will be tutoring. This time, the students had some input into the classes they wanted for the rest of the year. The floral necklace which I put up in an earlier blog is the first three week class, followed by a bracelet in tubular twisted herringbone.
The Wave bracelet pictured is also scheduled for the end of November at another NH nearby.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Brooch the Subject III

Recently I entered an Exhibition being run by the Contemporary Art Society. It is called Brooch the Subject III and is currently running at the Fitzroy Library, in Melbourne. It is open until 6th October. Today I received an email to say all of the images are now up on the CAS website and there is a section where you can vote on the exhibits. You might like to take a look at all the amazing brooches on display.
My brooch is called "Looking through the Eye of Love" and was inspired by my recent reading of the Twilight series of books. Peyote stitch has been used to construct the eye, which was then embellished with daggers and drops. The red heart can represent either the loving heart or the eye of a vampire.
There are at least two other members of the Bead Society of Victoria who have entered the exhibition.
Hope you can vote for your favourite.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'll be glad when winter is over.

We are seeing signs that spring is coming, but the weather is still cold and wet. My garden is in need of attention, but it has been way too cold to venture out and I still haven't completely recovered from my bout of (swine?)flu recently. Just need a bit of cheering up really.

Yesterday, I had requests from three different neighbourhood houses for teaching proposals. Not sure if they will all run as it always depends on the number of students. Must be a good sign though.

Term 4, 2009 looks like being a busy one. This is the project I have put forward for one of the classes:

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Why can't all Beads be Created Smooth!

Guess it will teach me a lesson to only buy expensive beads! I have been trying to make a pair of earrings and although the first one worked out perfectly, the second one of the pair is proving a trial. I have quite a number of the same beads to use in the centre of the earring and have so far made the earring up three times. Each time I get to the last row of beads, and put some strain on the thread to get it through and finish off, I have had a catastrophe. The bottom thread holding the brick stitch has been cut through and the earring falls apart.
I have carefully looked at the beads and felt them and discarded the sharp ones, but so far, haven't had any luck.
Any chance of a new style - one fancy earring and one plain?