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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Why can't all Beads be Created Smooth!

Guess it will teach me a lesson to only buy expensive beads! I have been trying to make a pair of earrings and although the first one worked out perfectly, the second one of the pair is proving a trial. I have quite a number of the same beads to use in the centre of the earring and have so far made the earring up three times. Each time I get to the last row of beads, and put some strain on the thread to get it through and finish off, I have had a catastrophe. The bottom thread holding the brick stitch has been cut through and the earring falls apart.
I have carefully looked at the beads and felt them and discarded the sharp ones, but so far, haven't had any luck.
Any chance of a new style - one fancy earring and one plain?

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