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Sunday, May 31, 2009

More Knitting

Found the cutest Owl hat pattern - "WHO?" on the ravelry.com website on the weekend. Had a ball of wool left over from Grandson's jumper and dropped everything to make the hat. Finding the ravelry website was a real revelation. So many wonderful knitted and crochet projects. I really enjoyed browsing through them.


Meghann said...

S0 pretty!

Joy said...

The owl cable is my FAVORITE cable pattern, bar none. I made a pair of mittens with it, and am considering doing a sweater at some point... I love that cute lil' cable owl! I already love owls, and the idea of creating a form through knitted texture is just awesome.

Sandy said...

Cute, bet the owls would show up more in a solid color where you see the texture more.


Chrisbeads said...

Yes, Sandy you are quite right. I am making the owl hat in a solid colour now and it shows up better. I made the hat to go with the jumper I made earlier.