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Monday, January 5, 2009

Thanks to everyone who commented.

Thanks everyone who commented on my previous post. It was great to see so many people encouraging me to continue and I was heartened by your encouragement. Yesterday I made another etsy sale so I guess people are still looking. I will keep going for the time being. I read another blog recently which was talking about the down time between Christmas and New Year, so possibly that was having its effect on me too.
We had a lovely birthday party for my one-year-old grandson on Sunday. It was a beautiful sunny day and we got to the park early so that we could grab one of the sheltered pavilions. There were so many people out enjoying the gorgeous summer weather, it was a good thing we got there early.

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Roz Andrews said...

Glad that you have decided not to give up! My motto for 2009 is "do the things you like and success will come naturally." I guess you've already thought of this, but maybe it's an idea to promote your business more in Australia - etsy is quite US-oriented and perhaps some people in the USA are put off by the shipping costs from Australia. Perhaps an ebay.com.au shop would be a good idea (if you don't already have one). Also, creative living media magazines have an offer at the moment - you can put a banner on your website and they will list you for free in their directory (see http://www.creativelivingmedia.com.au/info/webbanners) I know you probably won't get many sales from a directory listing but I guess every little helps. Best wishes for every success in 2009,