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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Holiday Reading

This weekend is a holiday weekend for us here in Australia. Monday is Australia Day, marking the arrival of European settlers way back in 1788. We are taking it easy, it is a lovely sunny 24 deg C, my hubby is watching the Australian Open Tennis on TV and I have been reading a most amazing book. I started reading it yesterday afternoon and could barely put it down last night when our guests arrived for a barbecue. Today I have read it until my eyes are popping out, but I have just finished it, amidst tears and laughter and a feeling of great empathy for the characters. The book is "Belly Dancing for Beginners" by Liz Byrski. It is the story of two fifty something baby boomer women and a third who is their belly dancing teacher. I think it speaks volumes about women and the lives of my generation, and especially about revealing who you really are. Being a fifty something granny who has lived through the same type of upbringing as the characters in this novel, I found it heartwarming and also at times heart wrenching. I would love to see a film based on this story. It would make a really good movie.
Strangely enough when I saw the book in the library it was just after reading Liz Byrski's newest book, "Trip of A Lifetime" which also made quite an impact - enough that I was looking for more books by this author when I got to the library.

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