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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Great Grandparents

How amazing it is that my young grandson has so many great grandparents still living. He currently has four great grandpas and five great grandmas (one is a step-gg) to dote on him. We thought our children were lucky to have one great grandma and one great grandpa back when they were born.
When my eldest son was born, I was almost 29 and this was considered to be a ripe old age to be producing a first child. Nowadays it is common to be 35 or more before having a child so I suppose having great grandparents will also be more uncommon as the generational gap widens.
The days of having only 18-20 years between the generations is well and truly in the past. Although the grandmas in the photo above look very aged, the oldest was only about 70. These days she would no doubt look much trendier despite her age. My own Mum is a very young looking 81 year old.

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CassieMarie said...

That is amazing and a blessing! I wasn't fortunate enough to have known any of my grandparents much less great-grandparents. The only one living when I was born was my dad's mom and she died when I was 3 so I don't remember much about her. So you and your children are so so blessed to have yours!