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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How many UFOs can one person have?

Lately I have had a problem with finishing projects which I have started. There has been quite a lot going on in my life and what with having to write up some tutorials, prepare for a couple of exhibitions as well as family stuff it has been pretty disorganised around here. Many ideas have been percolating through the brain cells necessitating a few scribbled drawings and then maybe a bit of beading to get started. Then off I go again on a completely different tack. That project goes into a bag and waits for further inspiration. MMmmm no the pink with the peanut beads didn't work. Start again.

So far I am up to six UFOs sitting looking at me and although I think I know where they are going, I can't seem to work up the enthusiasm to finish. I guess the deadline for some of them, which is fast approaching, may provide the catalyst!

No more crocheting for a while! Get to work girl. At least the blue version got finished.

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