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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wonderful Sari Silk

Thanks to my friend Kay, of Kays Artycles, I have just listed a couple of crocheted cuffs made with her wonderful spun sari silk. When she showed me the hanks of thread, I just fell in love. Didn't really know what I would make with it and for a time it has just been sitting there looking at me.
Last weekend I took out the crochet hook and firstly made a flower brooch which looked stunning pinned to daughter's black scarf.

Then I made a couple of different styles of bracelet cuffs, one with a kaleidoscope of mixed beads strewn over it and the other with a pearl flower motif.

Since I have been having a bit of a creative black hole lately, it is pleasing to find that I haven't completely lost it.
The pieces have now been loaded to my madeit store.

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