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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Single Needle Right Angle Weave - so many people think this is such a scary stitch! Last week I started a new class teaching the "charming beads" - individual beaded beads which fit nicely onto the Pandora style bracelets. Two of my students caught on immediately and were finished one of the larger beads by the end of the two hour class. The other two were having difficulty getting the concept of RAW. It certainly requires a lot more concentration than other stitches, but once the concept is grasped, there are so many wonderful things to be done with it.
I just completed a class myself with the Beadcats - Virginia Blakelock and Carol Perrenoud from the USA. We did some double needle RAW, which Virgina prefers. For flat work such as bracelets and necklaces, I tend to agree. But for beaded beads, nothing beats SNRAW. I really appreciated being able to take a class with these two wonderful beaders. It was great fun.

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