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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wedding on the 13th

On Saturday, I went to a beautiful wedding in Adelaide. Nephew Jeremy has married the lovely Theresa over there and we all had a great time, despite a few hiccoughs, such as:

Spending five hours at the airport on Thursday afternoon (partly because we went too early to try and miss the peak hour traffic and then the flight was delayed an hour). Glad I had a good book. When we did take off, we flew at record speed as Adelaide airport has a curfew of 11.00 and we barely made it in time.

Arriving in Adelaide on the wettest weekend this year. It started on Thursday, rained all day Friday (so we went out to buy umbrellas) and just stopped in time for the wedding photos.

Having to move apartments after only one day because of flooding (which meant repacking suitcases, lugging them downstairs, into other apartment and then upstairs and unpack....)

Darling daughter's windscreen wipers broke down on the way to the airport and she had to park in a school for the weekend and get a cab the rest of the way. She planned to deal with the wipers later. When she returned and got the car on Sunday, it was to find that after only a km or so it broke down (almost on the freeway) with transmission problems. Oh, and their flights were both late as well.

Arriving at the airport yesterday to find that Son and DIL's flight had been cancelled and they had been moved to a flight which was to get to Melbourne at about 10.30 pm. They decided to return on the Virgin flight with us (also 1/2 hour late).

Brother in law's rellies arrived in Adelaide only to suffer gastro on Friday, both parents and two small children sick on progressive days, with the mum being put off the plane on Sunday because although she thought she was going to be OK, she almost fainted in the gate lounge. She got sent back to my sis's place without her luggage while the rest of the family flew home without her. She has now returned home after obtaining Medical clearance.

Sister rings this morning with the news that her hubby now has the gastro.....

If you saw a show like this on TV you would think it was difficult to believe. Truth is definitely stranger than fiction.

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Pamela Plumley said...

I believe it!! My family has undergone such weird stuff so many times, it's ridiculous. We could make a book of it, I'm sure! Sounds like quite a wedding to get to, just glad you made it anyway!
Interesting post...