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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Beaded Fantasies by Sabine Lippert

This book is terrific. I have had it a couple of weeks now and have made three of the projects, which is unusual for me. More often, I get a new book, flick through and then put it aside, thinking "maybe I'll make something later", but later rarely comes. This time, I was inspired to try some of the projects immediately, if not sooner! I have followed Sabine's progress both through facebook and on her blog "Try to be Better". Her style is very interesting and the book became a "must have" so that I made sure I was on the pre-selling list and got it very quickly. I will put some photos up later, but in the mean time, if you want to see some great eye candy, check out the link to her blog.


Halinka said...

I know,that it is fantastic,but I haven't had it yet.I'm still waiting for the Amazon.com to send it to me.I prepaid it long ago and do hope,thay haven't forgotten about me.
Warm Hugs-Halinka-

Halinka said...

This book is really amazing.
I've received it today:-)
At the beginning I considered the Sabine's style as a little too much overembellished,but now,the more I go into and watch-it's more and more precious to me.This is the source of inspiration,for the new forms discovery and new textures,to experiment with.
The variety of crystals and beads,also the colors and the way of bezelling the Swarovski rivolis is uncompetitional here.These are all true Masterpieces.I am very much impressed with the book.

Chrisbeads said...

Glad you are enjoying it Halinka. I will post some pictures soon.