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Friday, January 20, 2012

Ceramic Cabochons

Today was my class at the Bead Society of Victoria's annual Bead Retreat. It was a fun day although I was a bit challenged by having made a couple of typos in my instructions. It's not really easy to write instructions with enough clarity for all students to follow them without reference to the teacher. That's why they attend classes no doubt! I have done a bit of editing now though and hopefully the instructions are now "clear as mud" to everyone. Here is the finished result. The black one is the one I did today and the orange one is the sample. Thanks to Natalie at Peruzi for the wonderful ceramic cabs.


Halinka said...

I like the ceramic cabochons very much.They are colorful and can have interesting texture.I haven't bought them,nor tried to bezel them yet,but those,which You have presented in Your Blog,are incredibly charming.Nice Work of Yours.I like Your Blog very much.Happy to have discovered it.
Greetings from Sweden-Halinka-

Chrisbeads said...

How kind of you, Halinka. I enjoyed beading around the cabs, it was a challenge. Also a bit of a challenge to teach to my class. Hopefully we all learnt a lot. I may post this tute on my etsy store in a few months' time. I have agreed not to list it too soon after the class.