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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Brain Drain

Over the past few months as editor of Connect magazine, I have found that it takes me a little while to reactivate my creative spirit. Putting the magazine together takes quite a lot of time and once it is done, there is a great feeling of relief. Then I try to get back to my beading, but sometimes it is all just too hard.

First I spend time checking out other people's blogs on my computer, catching up with facebook friends and other procrastination exercises. Then I try checking out the new issues of Australian Beading, Bead and Button and BeadWork magazines.

I think this might be almost overstimulation! I download all the "extras" mentioned in the magazine and mull over whether I have the beads in my stash to make one of the projects. Usually, there is something missing. I did manage to complete a bracelet from the April issue of Bead and Button - the Honeycomb bracelet by Cynthia Rutledge. Not from the stash though! Had to purchase a whole kit (plus another one, of course) from Beads by Blanche. See previous blog. I have started the second one, but didn't get very far.

Then a customer asked for a particular colour neckwarmer on my madeit site and never one to miss a sale, I jumped in and crocheted one from my stash of yarn. Then I didn't know whether to concentrate on crochet, or go back to beading.

Now my friend Karen has looped me off in a whole different direction. She sent me an excerpt from a blog on polymer clay adventures in Nepal, which you can read at A Colourful Journey but which then fired me off in the direction of some amazing polymer clay artists. One in particular caught my eye, Helen Breil Designs. There are some amazing tutorials on her site. Just checking my paypal account to see if there is any to spare there. Problem is, I would also need to buy stamps and inks as well as more clay!

Will I ever get back to beading again?

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