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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Domino Knitting

I recently had a splurge at the Book Depository and purchased two books by Vivian Hoxbro - Domino Knitting and Shadow Knitting.
Originally, I saw the Shadow Knitting book in the waiting room of the radiotherapy dept of Peter MacCallum hospital. It was tempting to just whisk it into my bag, but I refrained. It looked like such fun, I just had to have a copy myself.
When I was buying Shadow Knitting I came across Domino Knitting and thought that since the AUD is at such a good rate I couldn't miss out.
The Domino Knitting book is well set out and easy to follow and after making a few of the squares, I decided to challenge myself with the Potholder No. 4. This is the result.

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