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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Poor little doggie!

Our poor little doggie, Zorro, has been diagnosed with Glaucoma. He has had cataracts for some time now, with very limited vision. We are now faced with the awful decision of what to do next. After rushing him down to a specialist eye vet yesterday, he is now on medication which will give us some breathing space to decide whether to have his eyes removed and just sewn up, or to have artificial eyes put in instead (the more expensive option). I am feeling very sad. He does seem to get on OK even though we have know that his vision was very limited. The vet has now confirmed that he is pretty much totally blind though. And the glaucoma will recur. What to do, what to do?


Jen said...

Poor baby, I'm so sorry to hear that. Not trying to be rude, but what would be the point of artificial eyes? Is it just for aesthetics? That seems like it would probably be a lot more for him to recover from (not to mention the added expense). I would do whatever was best and least traumatic for him to go through; as long as you still love him that's all that matters, right?

MAC said...

I have to ask why they want to remove the eyes. My baby has the same problem and they've never mentioned removing the eyes. He is like a child to me and I can't imagine putting him through that and don't know what I would decide if faced with your situation.

Chrisbeads said...

Apparently the glaucoma causes severe pain and will recur without constant medication. This was the reason given to me for removing his eyes - to avoid further pain.

Duni said...

So sorry to read that about Zorro. Poor doggy. I assume the medication is to keep his eye pressure down.
What have you decided? Is it really necessary to remove his eyes entirely?
Sending Zorro positive vibes.