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Friday, July 10, 2009

The weeks are going too quickly....

The past couple of weeks have passed much too quickly and partly owing to a bout of flu I haven't been firing on all cylinders. Couldn't believe that it was over a week since my last blog.
Being the Secretary of the Bead Society of Victoria (Australia)is taking up a bit of time at present as we are about to celebrate our 15th Anniversary and there are quite a few things to organise. In September we are having a special party luncheon at our monthly meeting. At the end of July, there will be a much larger than usual display at the Craft and Quilt Show in Melbourne and we want to promote the Society with a really special display of the work of our members. You might like to check out the Bead Society website to see some of the amazing creations from our members.

As part of the BSV Bead Expo in November, there is a Bead Challenge and the beads pictured are the "Challenge" beads. The idea is to make something spectacular, using all of the Challenge beads, plus whatever else takes your fancy. This year's beads are proving quite difficult because there are fewer of them than in previous years.
I have started my Challenge piece but it will have to remain secret for a few more months.

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