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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Someday I'll have money....

Just finished reading a really interesting book by entrepreneur George Frew. It is his autobiography and chronicles the ups and downs of his fortunes over his lifetime. He was one of the earliest hotel/motel builders and it was a very interesting read because a couple of the hotels he developed were ones which I frequented in my youth and which are still operating here in Melbourne - the Village Green and the Matthew Flinders among others.
He had some interesting things to say and the last words in the book are "And, remember, there's always a way to make a quid" (or a dollar as the case may be). He also talks about the benefits of having "the fire in your belly" which drives you to try and make something of yourself and your business, without which it is difficult to succeed.
The book is a good read and has a lot of lessons for budding businesses, especially in the areas of who to trust. I wonder what George Frew would make of the way internet business is growing these days?

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